Councillor and former Ballarat mayor Ben Taylor says it is “frustrating” the City of Ballarat is debating banning nuclear weapons when Australia does not have any and the area is currently suffering from lockdown.

“It’s very frustrating that as a city we’ve just been hit by a snap seven-day lockdown…and the priority of some councillors is that we want to talk about nuclear weapons and the prohibition of them across the world, which has got nothing to do with Ballarat,” Mr Taylor told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“It’s frustrating that time has been wasted by this council.

“It’s not the council, it’s more the individual councillors and we just have really one that’s driving it, and this is the third time now it’s come through to council.

“Previously it’s been voted down twice and for some reason, it’s come through another loophole that’s been able to be dealt with again.

“And I think the Ballarat residents deserve more from this council and councillors … we shouldn’t be dealing with this full stop.”

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