Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says the state administered 32,162 vaccines yesterday in state clinics, marking an eight per cent increase on the week before.

Mr Andrews said 35 per cent of Australia was fully vaccinated but it was too soon to open the state.

“This is the thing with Delta, you either aim for zero or a very low number and therefore keep numbers low or if you try other approaches, the numbers get away from you very, very quickly,” he said.

“Delta infects so rapidly that is not a choice between zero or 500 cases a day, it is a choice between very low numbers of cases and thousands of cases.”

Mr Andrews said there “are only difficult choices” with the Delta variant and the only thing to do is to aim for low numbers.

Victoria recorded 73 new cases of COVID-19 overnight with 36 being in isolation for their infectious period and 31 infections are currently under investigation.

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