NSW Deputy Commissioner Mal Lanyon spoke to the media on Tuesday afternoon in response to 69 unauthorised demonstrations which were held across the state.
Protestors largely targeted local council chambers across the state, however, an increased police force was also deployed to Sydney’s Parliament House. 
Unmasked demonstrators gathered in front of Blacktown, Sutherland, Hills, Canada Bay, Waverley, Fairfield and Liverpool Council chambers from 9am this morning – with protesters in Blacktown heard yelling “My body, my choice”. 
Police have made 135 arrests and issued at least 430 infringement notices across NSW on Tuesday as anti-lockdown protests break out across the state. Picture: Gaye Gerard/NCA
Police arrest members of the public during a protest at Govt House in Sydney. Picture: NCA/ Gaye Gerard
Demonstrations were also held in Dubbo, Nowra, Grafton, Goulburn and Shellharbour. 
Deputy Commissioner Lanyon confirmed police had made 135 arrests in total and issued at least 430 infringement notices.
Several officers also sustained minor injuries in their attempts to break-up demonstrators, which is “completely unacceptable,” said Deputy Commissioner Lanyon. 
“Today’s actions only further serve to jeopardise the freedoms of those people who are doing the right thing,” Deputy Commissioner Lanyon said. 
“We have made it very clear throughout the previous weeks the police are not opposed to free speech, we are opposed to activity that breaches the public health order and puts the vast majority of the community in danger. 
“We’re very comfortable with free speech, we are very comfortable for people to exercise that free speech, but when that’s done in contravention to the public health order, putting the rest of the public’s safety in jeopardy, police will not tolerate it.
“The public health order is put in place for the safety of all and those few who continue to jeopardise it make it incredibly disappointing.” 
Deputy Commissioner Lanyon said police had a prepared response to anti-lockdown activities today and would continue investigations for any future events. 
Police patrol the Parliament House in the CBD Sydney as anti-lockdown protests take place across NSW. Picture: NCA/ Gaye Gerard
“We are a very large police force, we’re very well resourced, so we’re very capable of both preparing for and responding to these types of incidents,” he said. 
“Breaches of the public health order arising from unauthorised protesters will not be tolerated.” 
He reiterated the threat posed to the wider community by COVID-19, saying “The science is very clear; COVID does exist”. 
“Unfortunately we are seeing too many people get sick in society.” 
Health Minister condemns COVID-positive Sydneysiders leaving quarantine

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