Michael Podgoetsky, 63, was snapped by The Daily Telegraph for not wearing a face mask while waiting at a bus stop on Tuesday.
Police later issued him a penalty infringement notice for sitting on an outdoor bench near his Bondi home without a face covering.
The Bondi limo driver has copped a $500 fine. Picture: The Daily Telegraph / John Grainger
“Around 3pm (on Tuesday), officers from Eastern Suburbs Police Area Command received information relating to a breach of the COVID-19 public health orders by a 63-year-old Bondi man,” NSW police said in a statement.
“The man has now been issued with a $500 PIN for ‘not wear fitted face covering at a public transport waiting area’.”
Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Mr Podgoetsky described Delta sweeping the country as “scary for the nation” but distanced himself from the outbreak.
“I don’t want to be associated with this. I got this stupid disease from somewhere, I don’t know where,” he said.
“The nation is suffering and I don’t want to be associated with this. It’s unfair that people have blamed me for Delta. I got it from somebody.”
“I’ve got a drug addict… living (near) me who’s threatening me. It’s terrible what’s happening in the country.”
Woman in 70s contracted COVID from ‘fleeting exposure’ to Bondi limo driver
The 63-year-old, who denied he was “patient zero” of the growing Delta outbreak in Australia and New Zealand, tested positive for coronavirus on June 16. 
In June, Mr Podgoetsky insisted he became infected at the local Bondi cafe where he alleges a customer was coughing and sneezing next to him.
Mr Podgoetsky, who was unvaccinated, worked as a driver transporting international flight crew from a FedEx plane.
Authorities believe he likely caught the Delta strain of the virus from a US aircrew before June 11 and following an investigation found that he had not been in breach of any public health order.
New Zealand COVID outbreak linked to NSW cluster
Unaware he was positive for COVID-19, he spent the weekend travelling around the eastern suburbs with his wife, visiting Belle Cafe in Vaucluse and shopping at Westfield Bondi Junction on numerous occasions.
He has since been vaccinated with Pfizer after initially refusing AstraZeneca, citing the family had a history of blood clots.
“I got Pfizer, both jabs, I (felt) worse than when I was having the disease,” he claimed.
NSW COVID-19 figures have been bouncing around, with 1,164 people testing positive on Tuesday, and a total of 21,208 local cases since June 16.
There have been 96 COVID-19 related deaths in NSW since the outbreak began.
Hospital staff will be ‘under pressure’ if NSW opens at peak of pandemic

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