Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the federal government’s economic policies over the course of the pandemic allowed Australians to stay in work and gave businesses certainty.

Mr Morrison said these policies were why Australia’s economy grew “back to a level higher than it was before the pandemic” and saw one million people back in work.

“That was the produce of economic policies that not only provided significant, in fact, unprecedented economic support both to individuals who had lost hours … but also through the cash flow boost and many other measures that supported businesses,” he said.

Mr Morrison said even with the Delta variant causing outbreaks in major cities, the federal government “will continue to support them” and, alongside the national plan and raising vaccination rates, expected to see the economy rise.

“We will see the Australian economy come back from the challenges that it has currently experienced,” he said.

“We have done it once, and we will do it again, and we have done it by supporting the ingenuity and resilience and the determination of Australians and Australian businesspeople.”

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