China’s latest restrictions on online gaming are part of the Communist Party’s long-term plan to make it the world’s strongest and wealthiest nation, according to the University of Melbourne’s Professor Delia Lin.

Under the latest restrictions, children will not be permitted to game on schooldays with one hour limitations in place for weekends and holidays.

“We really need to take it to a large picture to see … what’s their end game?” Professor Lin told Sky News Australia.

“For the Communist Party, what’s on top of their agenda, the end game is really to make the nation wealthy and strong and powerful.

“They look at all different aspects of the society, of the policies, of the economy, of cultural conducts and to see what the nation can do to steer the people’s behaviour in a certain way … to work for the nation’s wealth.

“It’s a long game, and sometimes we don’t know where those policies come from, but the state, the party has a grand plan, they look at all the details and say what actions they can ban or restrict to actually reach that goal towards the end.”

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