US President Joe Biden has continued to be slammed for his decision to remove US troops from war-torn Afghanistan with Fox Business host Stuart Varney calling his leadership “seriously compromised”.

“Biden’s leadership has been seriously compromised,” Mr Varney said.

“He’s blamed Trump and the Afghans for the failure, that’s just plain dishonest, it’s grasping at straws.

“He doesn’t answer questions but when he does they come from reporters he is instructed to call all. Who instructs him? Who writes his scripts? Who is really in charge?”

The Fox Business host said Democrats will “try to recover” and “move on” from what has happened in Afghanistan.

“Nothing can erase the image of a president who is not leading,” he said.

“There’s another three and a half years of this to come.”

The comments come as America’s ‘forever war’ ended today with the last three US military jets departing Afghanistan.

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