Of the new cases, 52 have been linked to existing outbreaks with the remainder to be updated later on Monday morning during the COVID-19 press conference.
The results came from more than 41,000 tests – a drop in 10,000 from Sunday.
There are now 805 active cases in the state.
Premier Daniel Andrews announced the state’s sixth lockdown set to be extended beyond September 2 as cases continued to rise in the community.
“We see far too many cases today for us to seriously consider opening up later on this week,” he said on Sunday during the COVID-19 press conference.
“It’s not going to be possible for us to be able to open up our Victorian community in just a couple days time.”
Victoria’s lockdown looks likely to be extended after the state recorded XX cases on Monday. Picture: Darrian Traynor/Getty Images
Mr Andrews said it was “only fair that we be as upfront as possible” to make it clear the state will “not be able to open up”.
“We will get advice in coming days, decisions will also be made and they will be announced very soon thereafter as we always have done,” he said.
“These are difficult numbers, but if you look to the experience in, say, New South Wales at the moment, I’m sure there are many thousands of nurses, many thousands of doctors, who are struggling with the fact that they will very soon, it would seem, have a thousand patients in hospital.
“I know there is pain and there is a challenge and it’s tough, but this getting out of hand, completely out of hand, it is so much harder.”
‘We just can’t keep doing it’: Josh Frydenberg calls for end to ‘stringent’ lockdowns
The Premier said he would announce any changes to the current restrictions some time this week.
He stressed numbers needed to be “as low as we can get them” before Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton would advise on what rules could be relaxed.
Melbourne sits as the second city or country who have spent the most time in lockdown with 211 days.
Residents from the Argentinian city, Buenos Aires, have been locked down for 234 days, London comes in second at 207 days and the Czech Republic also hit the 200 mark.
It was the biggest day since their second wave where they recorded 112 cases on September 3 2020.

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