Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell says there is still hope for the Coalition, despite the worst Newspoll results the Morrison government has had this term.

“The primary vote for the Coalition has gone from the 40s in recent months to now 36. Labor’s has jumped to 40 from 36. So on a two party preferred basis that’s 54-46,” Mr Clennell said.

“But when it comes to Scott Morrison’s approval vs Anthony Albanese, it’s a handy lead – 50 to 34.

“There was a view in Canberra last week that Morrison was campaigning for Newspoll. If he was it does not appear to have worked.

“Some Labor people are concerned with Anthony Albanese’s cut through, however when you look at those approval ratings, but the only person who could come in as a star candidate at the last minute in a Kevin Rudd, Bob Hawke type way is Tanya Plibersek and she does not have the sort of support which would get her in the top job.

“Newspoll were two points out at the last election I hasten to add, in Labor’s favour, but even that on these numbers would mean a Morrison defeat.

“But Kieran and I can recall covering 2001 and 2004 elections respectively where John Howard was behind 54-46 and 55-45 and he got up, so by no means all is lost here for Scott Morrison.

“It was interesting to see him adjust his rhetoric about a national plan to a national and safe plan last week in his language. Clearly for a reason.”

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