Last year a judge awarded Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue sanctuary control over Exotic’s Wynnewood zoo in a $1USD million trademark settlement.
Baskin had previously vowed to sell the land with the condition that the new owners could not be used to house animals and in June she did just that for $US140,000, TMZ reported.
Carole Baskin has sold Joe Exotic’s property with the condition it won’t be used to house animals for a century. Picture: Getty
Last year Exotic and Baskin shot to fame with the release of “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” which would become the number one show on Netflix.
According to TMZ the new owners are “expressly” banned from using the land to house exotic animals of any kind for 100 years and can not name any new business anything relating to its “Tiger King” past.
Restrictions on the name include anything relating to Joe Exotic, G.W. Zoo and anything with the words “tiger” or “big cat”.
Carole and Howard Baskin sold the property for $US140,000. Picture: Getty Images
The trademark dispute was centred around Exotic naming the recently sold property Big Cat Rescue Entertainment after Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue.
Exotic allegedly boasted that he used the name to “ruin” Ms Baskin and her company, the New York Post reported.
Exotic once housed 1,400 big cats on the property with the last remaining animals turned over to the Justice Department earlier this month.
Joe Exotic is battling cancer inside a medical prison in Fort Worth, Texas. Picture: Getty Images
He was sentenced to 22 years in prison for charges relating to a “​​murder-for-hire plot to rub out Baskin”, according to the New York Post.
Exotic was also convicted of several wildlife violations related to killing five tigers, selling tiger cubs and falsifying records.
Currently, Exotic is in a medical prison in Fort Worth, Texas and is battling cancer.

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