US President Joe Biden was the “stupidest strategic analyst in the world” if he believed Kabul would not fall, according to The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan.

It has been revealed the United States left behind $85 billion of cutting-edge military equipment in Afghanistan, including 22,174 Humvees, 64,363 machine guns and 33 Blackhawk helicopters.

“This cluster omnishambles that Biden has produced is of staggering historic proportions because a month before the fall of Kabul he said there was no chance that Kabul would fall,” Mr Sheridan told Sky News Australia.

“Now if he thought that, he was the stupidest strategic analyst in the world.

“Then, after Kabul fell, he said, well it was always going to be chaos when America withdrew.

“Well, if it was always going to be chaos, why did he leave $85 billion worth of American equipment behind.”

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