The world would not have seen the west being “chased out of Afghanistan under fire” if it wasn’t for the Biden administration’s “catastrophic” withdrawal strategy, according to former head of British forces in Afghanistan Colonel Richard Kemp.

“He didn’t give enough time for the Afghan government and security forces to prepare themselves for a completely new situation without US support,” Mr Kemp told Sky News Australia.

“He did it also at the height of the fighting season when the Taliban is at its most active.

“If he’d waited to give the Afghan government more time and to wait until say late Autumn or Winter when the Taliban are far less active – we would not have seen the west being chased out as it were out of Afghanistan.

“Not just chased out but chased out under fire as we have seen.”

Mr Kemp said President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was motivated by both his “long opposed” position on US military presence in the country and having an “eye on the mid-term elections” with an “overwhelming desire” to get out by 9/11.

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