The comments come after Sky News political editor Andrew Clennell revealed four incidents in the past week where police found people who were COVID-positive breaching isolation.
The four incidents include a man found on a train in Sydney’s west without a mask while COVID-positive and a 39-year-old woman caught in a car while positive.
Health Minister Greg Hunt has lashed out at those who were flouting COVID-19 restrictions while knowingly COVID-positive. Picture: Getty Images
As well as a 17-year-old who allegedly stole a wallet before using the credit cards while being positive and a 27-year-old man was also found not self-isolating while COVID-positive.
Mr Hunt said when people breached COVID-19 restrictions after being diagnosed with the virus it was a “very serious issue”.
“I am certain the police will take a very strong view, but it’s a responsibility of each individual,” he told Sky News host Kieran Gilbert on Sunday Agenda.
“Any one of us can save a life or risk a life.
“If somebody leaves home and travels about, knowingly positive, then that is a legal breach but a gross moral breach, a failure of personal responsibility.”
COVID-positive Sydneysiders still being caught outside of home
The health minister said disobeying COVID-19 restrictions while being knowingly positive to the virus could lead to fatalities.
“You could lead to other people losing their lives,” he said.
“It’s worse than drunk driving because it could affect not just one person, but numerous.”
Mr Hunt called on Australians to stay home until COVID-19 restrictions had been eased for the safety of everybody.
NSW records 1,218 new local COVID cases, six deaths
Mr Hunt’s comments came before NSW recorded 1,218 new locally acquired cases – the nation’s highest-ever daily tally – and six deaths on Sunday.
Since Operation Stay at Home began on Monday August 16 NSW police have issued over 11,000 fines, including 252 for people breaching curfews in hotspots.
Overnight NSW recorded 49,849 vaccinations taking the state’s total to just over 6.7 million. 
NSW government launches new COVID-19 vaccine ad campaign

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