CEO of the Australian British Chamber of Commerce David McCredie says the surge of COVID cases in the United Kingdom has not happened “nearly as dramatically” as was expected.

“The rise in numbers that you would expect because the lockdown has ended and things have opened up has happened, but it hasn’t happened nearly as dramatically as what was feared,” Mr McCredie told Sky News Australia.

“What we’ve seen is, from that initial Freedom Day peak, it’s basically flatlined across the number of cases, new cases per day over the period in between.

He also said there has also been a decrease in hospitalised COVID patients and deaths.

“Hospitalisations are down on what we’ve seen previously, and indeed deaths are down to a few a week … for every hundred thousand people who go into hospital, there’ s one person who dies from COVID.

“It’s a much, much softer experience now than obviously particularly at the beginning of the year where we saw the really bad case numbers in the UK.”

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