When asked if Ms Palaszczuk would be willing to defend her position at the High Court in Australia, a spokesperson from the premier’s office told NCA NewsWire: “The Queensland government makes no apologies for consistently following the health advice to keep Queenslanders safe”.
“Clive Palmer had the support of the Commonwealth when he challenged the Western Australian government and lost,” they added.
Queensland pauses arrivals from NSW, ACT, Vic for two weeks
Australia is relying on data from the Doherty Institute, which says border closures and lockdowns will no longer be needed once the country hits an 80 per cent vaccination rate.
But premiers – specifically in Queensland and Western Australia – have threatened to keep their borders closed – a move labelled, “absolutely outrageous”.
“It’s absolutely outrageous,” Cairns Adventure Group Director Roderic Rees told Sky News Australia.
“National Cabinet has agreed months ago to a four-phase plan to get past these lockdowns. All the premiers have gone out and asked their constituents to get to a certain vaccination number. We are doing that at a really good rate.
“All the states are getting behind their premiers in getting towards this 70-80 per cent vaccination so we can get some kind of normal back and then for the Palaszczuk government to then threaten to backflip and lock Queensland off for longer, it’s absolutely outrageous.
‘Enough is enough’: Berejiklian urges state leaders to abide to vaccination targets
“I just don’t know how the people of Queensland are going to reconcile that.”
Early last week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it’s “just absurd” any country or state think they can maintain a zero-COVID strategy.
“The idea of COVID zero, that’s not the issue once you get to 70 and 80 per cent [vaccination rate],” he told The Today Show.
“Any state and territory that thinks that somehow they can protect themselves from COVID with the Delta strain forever, that’s just absurd.”
Mr Morrison added: “COVID is a new different world. We need to get out there and live in it. We can’t stay in the cave, and we can get out of it safely.”
PM tells premiers to live with the virus

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