The United States’ chaotic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan has been “damaging” for President Joe Biden with many Democrats quietly calling for heads to roll, according to the Hill’s White House correspondent Niall Stanage.

President Biden has come under heavy fire following the Taliban’s rapid resurgence and a suicide bombing outside Kabul airport which claimed the lives of 13 US Marines and countless Afghan civilians.

“I think the criticism from the American public, right now, is the execution of the withdrawal, which has been a shambles, honestly, and a damaging one for President Biden,” Mr Stanage told Sky News Australia.

“I think there are hard questions to answer there, and those kind of concerns that are heard globally are not confined purely to Republicans or to critics of Biden.

“I spoke to a Democratic congressperson a few days ago who was calling for people to be fired or wanted people to be held accountable.

“Other Democratic strategists were on the phone to me lamenting the mess this has been.

“So I think the question you raise about how could this not have been known is a vital question, as is just the chaos that has ensured amid this withdrawal.”

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