It comes after China launched a series of provocative trade tariffs on Australian exports with wine, beef, lobsters, coal and barley all caught up in debacle and more than $20 billion in trade lost.
However, the Chinese publication blamed the United States for Australia’s trade loss and accused the nation of serving its own interests instead of standing up for its allies.
“What’s crystal clear is that the US will not support Australia at the cost of its own interests,” the Global Times reported.
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“Even though the Biden administration has attempted to lure its allies to form small cliques, its ‘America first’ policy has not changed and the interest of its allies are not under its consideration.
“By tying itself to the US’ chariot, the Morrison administration has been deteriorating the relationship with its largest trading partner.”
The changeover occurred in May this year when the United States sold nearly $90 million dollars-worth of frozen beef to China – almost double that of Australian sales according to Chinese customs data.
In January 2020 Australia shipped over $200 million in frozen beef to China which was more than 20 times the amount exported by the United States.
‘Very shortly’ we are going to be challenged on a ‘bigger scale’ by China and by Russia
Over the course of 2020 the gap narrowed until the United States took the lead in May with the Global Times reporting a similar trend had been observed for Australian wine, timber and coal.
“what’s next?” the Chinese publication asked.
Relations between the two nations took a serious hit after a series of provocative trade tariffs which were imposed by Beijing upon Australian exports.
The trade blows were initially sparked by an Australia-led diplomatic push in 2021 to launch an independent investigation into the origins of COVID-19.
Wine, beef, lobsters, coal and barley were among the products hit by Chinese sanctions and relations were further strained after the Coalition axed China’s Belt and Road agreement with the Victorian government over national security concerns.
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In 2020 Australia’s beef exports to China were worth $3 billion, making it the most valuable farm export for the nation at the time.
China’s trade action against Australia has resulted in eight Australian abattoirs being blocked from selling red meat to the Asian superpower which went on to blacklist four major beef exporters for mislabeling products.
The Global Times said while mineral exports have bolstered Australia’s bottom line for trade there were many industries which had suffered while American industries had flourished.
“The US did not forget to collect benefits from Australia’s reckless efforts to accelerate tensions with China, which have been incited by the US,” the Chinese publication reported.
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This year China took Australia to the WTO over anti-dumping tariffs introduced by Australia years ago on products exported by the Communist superpower.
It comes after the Morrison government supported WTO cases against China’s major tariff hikes on barley and over 200 per cent duties imposed on wine last year.
At present Beijing has brought economic negotiations with Canberra to a grinding halt – cutting off streamlined communication with the country.

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