The Victoria Department of Health announced the state recorded 79 cases on Friday.
Of the new infections 53 have been linked to known outbreaks with the source of transmission for 26 under investigation. There were 13 mystery infections on Thursday.
The results came from more than 50,000 tests, taking the total number of active cases in the state to 660.
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is expected to front the media and provide an update on the COVID-19 and lockdown situation in the state. Picture: Darrian Traynor/Getty Images
Victoria recorded 80 infections on Thursday with 67 linked to known outbreaks.
There were 39 cases in quarantine for their full infectious period.
Concerningly young residents were being affected most during this Delta outbreak with 240 infections detected in people under the age of 28.
Mr Andrews stressed on Thursday the “longer people break the rules, the longer these rules will be on”.
The Premier does not believe any further tightening of restrictions could help in driving down infection numbers but recognised people were still illegally visiting family and friends.
“It’s evidenced by the fact we’re reporting more numbers, it spreads the virus,” he urged.
“It’s not just you visiting your mate, it’s the coronavirus as well. People get sick. We have people in hospital from all age groups. And none of them are doing particularly well.”
Victorians are set to emerge from their sixth lockdown on Thursday September 2.
Residents are under strict stay-at-home health orders and cannot leave unless they claim one of five permitted reasons.

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