All remaining Australian personnel were evacuated overnight, “not that long before the terrible events that unfolded last night took place,” he said. 
“Our hearts sank when we heard this news, sadly it was not unexpected as we’d previously flagged.”
Mr Morrison commended all those involved in the Australian operation – both civilians or ADF forces – which saw  more than 4,000 people airlifted out of Afghanistan. 
“I also want to commend them for demonstrating Australia’s heart, their humanity and their compassion”. 
Mr Morrison confirmed 783 evacuees have already touched down on Australian soil. 
The Prime Minister thanked the United States and United Kingdom for their assistance on the ground to evacuation efforts.
“To our American and British friends we are deeply in your debt, as we so often have,” he said. 
“These brave young Americans stood at the gate to protect life, to save life but lost their own in providing a pathway to freedom for others”. 
“They have fallen in a very worthy cause.” 
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has condemned the deadly terror attacks on Kabul as Australia pauses its evacuation operations on the ground. Picture: Getty Images
“We continue to support US and UK operations through our RAAF although none of that tasking or request has any Australian presence on the ground,” he said. 
“It remains an extremely dangerous place but as I said yesterday our plan now moves into its post evacuation stage and that involves ensuring the process of returning through our official humanitarian program people to Australia, working through other international agencies and working closely with our coalition partners who are engaged in exactly the same exercise.” 
Foreign Minister Marise Payne added her “strongest condemnation” of the attack at the press conference on Friday morning. 
She announced the department had updated its travel advice for those on the ground in Afghanistan. 
“Our new travel advice says Australian evacuation flights from Kabul have ceased. All Australian government personnel have departed Kabul,” she said. 
“There’s an ongoing and very high threat of terrorist attack. Explosions have occurred in the vicinity of Kabul Hamad Karzai Airport.
“Do not travel to the airport. If you’re in the vicinity move to a safe location.” 
Chaotic scenes after twin blasts in Kabul
“I cannot encourage strongly enough the following of that travel advice,” Ms Payne added, encouraging anyone in Kabul who is not yet registered with DFAT to do so.  
She said officials were unable to confirm whether any Australians had been impacted by the blasts. 
“That is why it is so important to register and so important to follow the travel advice that we have issued, updated this morning.” 
Defence Minister Peter Dutton said “ironically” the “barbaric actions” of Islamic State insurgents “demonstrated exactly the reason why Australia was with out allied forces in Afghanistan”. 
He said more than 39,000 ADF personnel had served in Afghanistan over the past 20 years “to keep that sort of barbaric act from our shores.” 
Islamic State affiliate ISIS-K claimed responsibility for the terrorist strikes which killed at least 73 people, including 13 American servicemen. 
Mr Morrison condemned the “heinous” and “barbaric” attacks in a statement on Twitter, also confirming all Australian personnel and ADF troops are safe. 
“Deeply saddened by the deaths of US military personnel and Afghans in the horrific terrorist attacks in Kabul. We mourn your tragic loss,” he said. 
Australia has suspended its rescue operations on the ground in Afghanistan. 
 More to come. 

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