Liberal MP Nicolle Flint has labelled the complaints process at the ABC as “extremely convoluted”, calling on the public broadcaster to reform its existing mechanisms to match rival networks.

“The ABC has a lot to answer for in relation to its complaint processes and, quite frankly, the ABC board needs to get together tomorrow morning and fix this because they have the power to do so, they just need to get on with it”, Ms Flint told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

“There are very good examples of how to have a proper and thorough complaints process from the SBS, who have an independent SBS ombudsmen and also a formal senior committee to review complaints and decisions by the ombudsmen.

“Commercial television, for example, have a very robust complaints process that is decided by the commercial tv stations in consultation with one another.

“The [ABC] board can wake up tomorrow morning and make huge improvements to the existing complaints mechanism which, if you have a look at it, it looks like a pretty impressive, detailed document.

“However, if you have a really careful reading of it, which I have today, you realise it is extremely complicated, convoluted.”

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